07/25/22 NOTE:

I created this program in 2017 to assist the Black Community to empower themselves financially by entering the IT industry. I am really appreciative of all of the participants in the program since the start. In 2018, my technology business began to soar in an unimaginable way and I had to place all of my focus there. However, I maintain this site with several free offers to continue to assist aspiring technologists. At the same time, technology moves at light speed so although much of the information is still relevant and helpful, the site is not being updated and there is some information that has changed. Please use the free information here to gain insight from a black technologist, but I will also recommend a site where those looking to move in to tech can use to gain the best general insight - http://gocloudcareers.com . I have used that site myself and I am in no way affiliated.

Best Wishes/Riches,

Shaquita Graham