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I enjoy encouraging and guiding Black Technologists to gain many of the successes that I have obtained. I also love sharing the knowledge that I have received through the research and study of technology. I use the AttechCo platform to speak to large numbers of people at their convenience.

At the same time, I am a technology consultant, business owner, wife and mother, therefore my time is limited to answer questions and consult beyond a quick email.

However, I want to make myself available to the individuals who contact me with more in-depth requests for consultation and that is why this option was developed.


  1. Enroll & Review "Your Consultation Next Steps" Document
  2. Submit your questions about your project and all of the pertinent details, excluding proprietary and confidential trade secrets as instructed
  3. Set a date for an online virtual meeting using a webcam
  4. Use the meeting link to join the online meeting where the consultation will take place


Ok great, so you have decided to pursue a tech startup idea, or add more tech tools to your business, or pursue a career in tech!

You have one or more of the following concerns and you want Shaquita to share her tech and business expertise for guidance and insight !

  • I have a great business idea but I know I need some type of technology to make it a valuable reality
  • I have a technology startup idea but I am not sure of the next steps to take, if the idea is marketable, how to approach the financial needs of the startup
  • I want to build a tech career but I am not sure about which certification works best for my specific situation
  • I need to gain direct insight about my tech business idea or tech career that is specific to my situation


  • IN DEPTH REVIEW of the details of your idea and/or specific situation.
  • INSIGHTS BASED ON RESEARCH AND/OR EXPERIENCE related to what you want to accomplish
  • ADVICE & GUIDANCE WITH EXAMPLES about next step, feedback on the ideas
  • RESOURCES & TOOLS to help you gain knowledge and/or connections you need to take the next steps


  • An immediate resolution to your issue.

Businesses or careers take time to build. Every step on the path to building a business or career can be time consuming

  • Advice that does not require your time, money, research and diligence.

There is a lot that I can share with someone about building a tech business or career and I expect that it will provide encouragement, direction and confirmation about their project. However, the work is up to you!

Your Instructor

Shaquita Graham
Shaquita Graham
Shaquita Graham is a Cisco Certified Network Engineer who has worked as a consultant with some of the largest Service Providers in the country including AT&T, Cox Communications, Comcast and CenturyLink. Mrs. Graham is passionate about offering diverse communities greater access to technology training as well as pioneering innovations which will impact the tech industry.


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